Application process explained

Click on the Administration link at the top

admin page

Select: Apply here:

Select one of the options provided:


Select a qualification / short course by clicking on it.


Select your ID type and submit the number. South African IDs will be validated. If it isn't valid, it will be saved as a passport/ foreign ID number.

id type

Submit your email address, name and surname and accept the T&Cs and POPI requirements. You can read these by clicking on the links. The relevant pages will open in a new tab.

personal info

If the submitted email and ID is new, a profile will be created. You will receive a username and password. You can use this to log into the system.

Step 2:

Log into and click on the Administration link at the top.

Click on the My Studies link

my studies

Admin home

 Admin home displays you application process , and whether your personal information is up to date. 

admin home

Your address will be set to South African by default. You can change this to an international address if you do not have an SA address.

The status area will show whether your information is completed. Please click on all the links to make sure that your detail is correct.


Click for examples on Personal Information. It will take you to the following page: Click again on any of the tabs at the top, to complete your detail. If your employer is paying for your studies or if your company is a Moonstone client, you need to complete your work detail.

The menu at the bottom will take you to all the relevant pages that you need to complete your administration


Please upload all necessary documentation on by click on the Documentation tab.

Enrolment will show the modules that you are currently enrolled for.

Enrolment cannot be completed if you haven't submitted all the necessary documentation and completed all your personal information.

If you have submitted your detail and uploaded your documentation, the coordinator can approve your application for a qualification / short course.

If your coordinator has changed your qualification / short course application to "enrolled", you will be able to register for the relevant modules under the qualification / short course. Visit the Enrolment tab and register for the required modules. Once you have been enrolled by your coordinator, you will not be able to de-register. You can then start your studies.


FICA Awareness for Moonstone Clients Application process

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